The dream builders By Ryan and Jeniffer Walter

When National Hockey League great Ryan Walter and his wife, Jennifer,went looking for morethan just satisfaction in the home they waited 15 years to build, they found it in a Surefit Log and Floors. Here is Ryan’s story;

“For Jennifer and me, Monty Ollenberger, the owner of SureFit Log and Floor , are dream builders."

“We were dreamy-eyed newlyweds when we first met Monty in a chance encounter during a family visit to B.C. I was playing hockey for the Montreal Canadians, but Jennifer and I had an enduring dream of one day living in a log home. In Monty’s eyes, I must have looked much too young to have a hope of owning any home, let alone the log dream I spoke of, but he spent time with the two of us anyway, showing us homes and explaining his building philosophy. We all thought that was the end of it, but 15 years later our paths again crossed.

When I moved to B.C. to play for the Vancouver Canucks I was reintroduced to Monty when he was participating in a charity event. I didn’t remember him, but he remembered me, I guess because people are important to Monty. We were impressed with Monty’s honesty, integrity and knowledge of the log home industry. Finally, out of all the companies’ homes we examined, we chose Monty’s SureFit Log and Floors to make our dream come true. SureFit’s commitment to deliver the best cedar logs and North America at the best price, with excellent craftsmanship, gave it the winning edge.

“Mere satisfaction isn’t enough for log home owners like us. ‘Daily infatuation’ more aptly describes how we feel about the home SureFit has built for us. After playing 15 seasons in the National Hockey League, reaching the Cup Finals twice, and winning the Stanley Cup in 1986, I have a good feel for what wins. SureFit Log and Floors, from start to finish, has proved itself a winner!”

Ryan and Jennifer Walter
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